Key Features

3 in 1 Portable Beauty Device

Infrared light and EMS bionic current can activate the skin to increase the body fat absorption for the body shaping. Ultrasonic vibration works the wonder for the facial massage to increase the skin elasticity.

Ultrasonic vibration of 1000,000 times per second is high enough to cause the skin tissue changes and movements and fat burning.

High Frequency Vibration

Ultrasonic vibration of 1000,000 times per second is high enough to cause the skin tissue changes and movements and fat burning.

Unique EMS Design

Its unique EMS design can imitate the tapping, massager, knead, slimming and scrapping of 5 massage models. Its micro wave massage can effectively burn the thicker fat and stubborn grease, so as to achieve “S” shape body.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light therapy for body shaping. The infrared light can penetrate deep under the skin tissue to stimulate the resonance friction between the skin and accelerate the blood circulation. In this way, infrared therapy can help remove exotic substances and maintain the skin tight and smooth.


Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover

3 in 1 cellulite remover machine works great to lose weight, slim body and tighten skin. Its infrared light and ultrasonic sound wave can do facial massage. 

You could use gel or essential oil, acts as a conductive medium for the ultrasound waves and allows them to penetrate the skin easily for better benefits.

You can use it 1 – 2 times per week, and 15 – 20 mins each time. Most users would see the slimming effect in around one month, depending on how you use it. Please pay your patience and keep the daily usage as instructed. 


Customer reviews


How does it work?

The ultrasonic waves and infrared heat can stimulate the blood circulation underneath the outer skin layer. The improved blood circulation can certainly break down and remove the fat deposits. In this way, users can gradually achieve the benefits of body shaping and slimming.

Would this ultrasonic cellulite remover also help lose weight?

Yeah, it works with 3 in 1 functions to burn more fat, lost weight and slim your body.

Does it work on face fat removal, e.g cheeks or lower face?

Yeah, its ultrasonic function can work wonder on face massaging. Its facial massager does not heat up nor physical vibration.

How do you use ultrasonic remover or EMS massager separately?

1.Turn on the “POWER” button;
2. Press the “SONIC” button once for the low intensity, twice for the high intensity, third for “SONIC” function shut down.
3. Press the “EMS” button, then adjust the intensity position to the lowest. Connect the EMS wire end to the pads and machine, then attach the pads onto the body treatment area.

Note: You should select your comfortable EMS mode and intensity level. Normally, start from low level 1, then upgrade up to your comfortable level.

How long can I expect to see the result?

If you keep using this ultrasonic massager for 30 days, you would see the significant cellulite removal. Meanwhile, a healthy diet also help achieve the better result.

How to clean the machine head and sticky nozzles?

You can use alcohol pads to wipe off the dirty.