Ultrasonic Cellulite Remover 3 IN 1 EMS Multifunctional Fat Burner Massager


This is a portable 3 in 1 beauty device that integrates with EMS, infrared light, and ultrasonic therapy. It is a multifunctional but powerful machine to remove cellulite, massage face, and burn body fat.

High frequency of 1MHz ultrasound vibration can penetrate deep skin to change and move the subcutaneous tissues. You achieve the fat burning and cellulite removing to shape your body.

Its unique EMS design can imitate the tapping, massager, knead, sliming, and scrapping of 5 massage models. Its microwave massage can effectively burn the thicker fat and stubborn grease, so as to achieve the “S” shape body.

You can also switch to infrared light therapy for body shaping. The infrared light can penetrate deep under the skin tissue to stimulate the resonance friction between the skin and accelerate the blood circulation. In this way, infrared therapy can help remove exotic substances and maintain the skin tight and smooth.

Other Tips for Use

The ultrasonic massager does not produce any heat, but infrared light will generate heat during the therapy.

EMS mode mainly works on fat burning and cellulite consumption. EMS will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. You have to manually restart for another 10 mins EMS session.

Ultrasonic vibration does the best job on facial lifting, skincare, and losing weight.

EMS and Ultrasonic modes can’t work simultaneously, and if you push the mode or intensity key to the bottom, that means you select nothing.

EMS therapy must work with sticky electrode pads.

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